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Words of Practical Wisdom: JESS FISK

Jess Fisk, in an 'activated' nutshell

Hiiii, I'm Jess! Laura is a good friend of mine who I met many years ago now in Mt Maunganui. She has asked me kindly to share a bit about myself and share a few basic tips for you all!

In a nutshell, my mission in life is to inspire others to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I believe the balance of nutritious food, appropriate movement, and more time spent in the outdoors are the key foundations to thrive in our fast paced society.

I am a university qualified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with special interests in gut health, the most critical starting point I believe to improve health yet is often overlooked. Many of the clients I work with at Eatwise Nutrition are living with chronic diseases that can be managed effectively when an appropriate nutrition and lifestyle plan is in place. If you'd like to have a chat with me, I'd love to hear from you! Jess Xxx

What are 3 foods you can't live without:

1. Eggs - Such a staple in my diet, they'd have to be in my top 3! Eggs are an affordable source of protein and come jam packed with so many essential nutrients, including; Vitamins, A, B, D and E, Zinc, Selenium, Choline and so much more. For a long time now, eggs have been unfairly picked on for their cholesterol and fat content. This is silly, because the cholesterol found in eggs will actually encourage healthy lipid ratios and the fatty acids will nourish our brain, heart, skin… basically everything! Eat the way nature intended I say! Its not often she gets it wrong:)

2. Chocolate - Of course…! I will happily devour a few squares of 85% chocolate. Satisfies my chocolate fix, but its actually not that bad - in fact you could argue that its possibly more good than bad! Good quality cocoa is a really good source of antioxidants, fibre and fat without bucket loads of sugar.

3. Greens - Not just because its a good answer! Choosing 3 foods is tough but I think I nailed it. Eggs, greens and chocolate - boom! Nutrition is a minefield for sure, but there is always one thing we all agree on - vegetables. I love all the greens; spinach, beans, kale, peas, silver beet… and everything I’ve missed. I try to eat as many greens as I can with main meals, including breakfast. I am a big fan of savory breakfasts for this main reason - veggies.

What are some of your go to snacks for busy days?

Beef jerky, slice of cheese with piece of fruit, full fat yogurt with nuts/seeds, boiled eggs, fruit, homemade ‘treat’ baking such as nut balls, or leftovers.

These would all be foods I would have pre-prepared at home to take with me. I always try to snack on foods with a greater ratio of protein and fat, rather than carbohydrates. It keeps your blood sugar levels stable preventing sugar cravings, hunger and tiredness. Balance is key when it comes to meals and snacks.

What are some of your tips for people starting out on their healthy journey?

1. Take it one step at a time. We all have a different starting point! Don't overwhelm yourself by setting the bar too high. Too many people go for the ‘all or nothing’ approach and are too hard on themselves if they slip up. Be realistic, start by simply changing only a couple of things, you will begin to adapt this way and stick with it for the long term.

2. Enjoy healthy food, exercise and all other elements to health (sufficient sleep, stress, getting enough sun etc) because it makes you feel AWESOME and you know its good for your body. Forget the number on the scales for a second and remind yourself why you are fuelling your body with natural, wholesome food. Put your health first and the rest will follow!

3. Eat foods that encourage a healthy gut. I believe there is so much truth to the old saying: “Health begins in the gut”. A diet high in processed foods, lack of exercise, poor sleep quality and stress are all contributing factors to imbalanced gut flora that may ultimately lead to chronic illness. Laura posts some amazing gut loving foods and advice on her page for you to follow, but some of my favourite tips are: Avoiding all refined carbohydrates as much as possible, eat foods high in probiotics every day such as; full fat yogurt, kefir, other ferments such as sauerkraut and kombucha and I suggest you should speak with your health professional about whether a probiotic might be right for you.

What would be your number one tip for Vitality?

Keep it simple. The simple things in life are always the best! Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive. Health is not defined by a gym membership, gourmet cooking or complicated diet plans, it’s about doing the best you can with what you have:)

WOW...did I tell you she was amazing, should of said AMMMMAAAZZZING!!!!

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