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Practical Words of Wisdom: Asja Svilans

Asja Svilans in an 'activated' nutshell...

With a degree in nutrition + health promotion, and a wholefood and natural chef training course under my belt I work to promote feeling happier and healthier by teaching and sharing how you can move away from packaged and super refined foods and find ease in the kitchen, and ease in nourishing yourself with food. I am a lover of seasonal produce, and artisan products - I certainly don’t believe we need to be making everything ourselves - and love using this as a way to fall in love with the little things in life like more time in nature, visits to the farmers market and afternoons in the kitchen - followed by sharing food with friends.

What is your food philosophy?

Increase your diet variety, and choose nutrient dense foods - which is pretty much eating real food, and being armed with techniques to transform them into simple deliciousness. Accent this by using artisan products from people making awesome food with a lot of heart. Food is about connection, that is with yourself, your farmers market and with small batch food producers.

What are 3 foods you couldn't live without?

I swear this changes weekly! Sunflower sprouts, lemon, pepitas :)

What is your favourite way to move/exercise?

I move daily by getting out of my apartment to be walking/joggin along the river as the sun rises. Movement for me is a sure fire way to get into the flow of my day, if I get 'stuck' at a point during the day dancing in the lounge room works a treat, as does a big stretch! On weekends, hikes to waterfalls take me directly to my happy place and recharges me like nothing else.

What would be your number one tip for Vitality?

Ooh just one? Hands down it is making sure your hydration is on point. We overlook the most simple habits thinking that they can't be that powerful but everything from stiff joints, cravings, sub par energy and poor digestion can be linked to not enough aqua. Watching your dehydrating behaviours as well as your hydrating behaviours can help with making sure your water intake is sufficient!

Do you have any tips for people starting out on their healthy journey?

Just start. Waiting for a perfect plan, or thinking that you will work out every detail so that it is foolproof, and that failure isn't an option is not setting yourself up for success - all that does is think that it has something to do with your motivation, self worth or lack of something when life inevitable happens! By simply starting means that you can navigate what works for you - find new inspiration along the way

Give it time. Just like a perfect plan isn't sustainable, neither is short cutting the way to your goals. I am always saying 'the short cut is rarely the best cut'...starting off with a couple of walks a week, that the following week you decided to increase by adding a jog, and adding some push ups and squats at the end - followed by weekend hike and a wander and coffee with a girlfriend in week 3 means that by the fourth week you have found a friend that is keen to come along to a boot camp with you....this is far more likely to hang around that 3 5am boot camps in the first week that render your sore and unmotivated to train for the following one and have you 'starting again' all the time!

Is there a favourite recipe you would like to share...

My fave recipe for all those starting a health journey is to add something green. This recipe is an unsweetened green smoothie that packs a punch for fiber and alkalinity, and a whole bunch of micro nutrients too. I suggest trying this as it is, and then adding some pear or banana as your taste-buds require. It is easier to add in some sweetness (because your taste-buds will be searching for it) then to take it away after it has had a taste (because your taste-buds will be searching for it). I call my Insurance Policy Green Smoothie cause 1-a-day is my insurance that I have made an awesome addition to my health!

Asja's Green Smoothie

Makes 1 serve 1 cup coconut water 1/2 lebanese cucumber 1/4-1/2 avocado 1/2 lemon, juiced 1/2 lime, juiced 1 handful baby spinach 1 kale leaf, stem removed Blend together and drink it up! I make this in advance and store in 300ml mason jars in the fridge for up to 3 days. Be sure that you store it in a container that is not much larger than the volume - keeping the air out makes it last longer!

Freebie option: I do love food, but realise that well-being is far beyond the food as well so I invite you to sign up for my eNews and you will get a guide delivered into your inbox full of ideas that use the tiny moments in your every day, to build a happier and healthier life!

Wow what wonderful tips and that smoothie recipe is a definitely on the menu at my house this week!

To connect with Asja and get more delicious and nutritious recipes; not to mention be inspired by drool worthy foodie photos please visit:

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