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Empowering You to
Live a Wild
and Healthy Life

At Livewild NZ, we are passionate about helping you live your best life. Our workshops, retreats, and consultations are designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to achieve optimal health and wellness. Whether you're a busy professional or a corporate client, we offer personalized services tailored to your unique needs.


We believe that true wellness is achieved through a holistic approach that combines nature experiences, functional health testing, and education. Our aim is to empower you with simple and mindful lifestyle changes that support your body's innate healing capacity. We are committed to providing you with the knowledge and support you need to achieve long-term wellness and vitality.

Qualification and certification

  • Bachelor Physed - Major - Exercise prescription & Sport management - Otago University
  • Diploma - Nutritional Science - Naturopathic College of NZ

  • Registered Clinical Nutritionist - Clinical Nutrition Association

  • Certificate - Herbal Medicine - Malcolm Harker

  • Level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor - Inner Fire Academy

  • Complete Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor - Oxygen Advantage

  • XPT Performance Breathwork Coach - XPTLife

  • Breathless Expeditions Instructor - Breathless Australia

  • Certificate - Sports Coaching L1 - SPARC Ihi Aoteroa

  • Certificate - Chronic Condition Self Management - Flinders University

Live Wild -Service focus


LIVE WILD Services are dedicated to inspiring connection back to natural living, vitality, freedom, and self through one on one education, group workshops, corporate wellness and unique experience retreats.

Being in the health and wellness industry for 20 years, has made me realize that as a whole we are far removed from the biology beneath our feet.

We’ve medicalised and commoditised every moment of life from birth to death in turn sacrificing our innate wisdom, and connection to the soil, plants, ocean, and ultimately self

We buy into the influence of the big-marketing, big-pharma, big-beauty, big-corporations whose success hinges on us continuing this cycle of disconnection

The more we go against our human design and rules of nature, the more dis-ease and disorder we face


LIVE WILD Services aim to provide a remembering and renewing of the relationship with our natural world, providing experiences in environments that provoke awe and connection, tools and education that support ultimate wellness for the mind, body and soul.

By combining the latest scientific functional health testing with holistic health and nutrition enables the root cause of the any health ailment to be addressed. This results in the client understanding how they can support their genetics and environment to alleviate any negative symptoms they may be experiencing.


I strive to empower my clients to focus on a simple and mindful approach to health that support the body's innate healing capacity. This is not the typical quick fix mentality which does not support wellness and vitality in the long term. My philosophy focuses on lifestyle changes that are fun and easy to implement but are achievable within the clients financial and living circumstances.

My Journey to Credibility

I was awarded a full scholarship to study at Otago University with which I completed a Bachelor of Physical Education majoring in Exercise Prescription & Management.

During my time at university I also represented NZ at the World surfing championships in South Africa having won the NZ open women's title in body boarding in both 1999 & 2000.


Post graduating from my degree in 2004, I went on to work for Sport Otago & then Sport Bay of Plenty as the Green Prescription coordinator up until mid 2011.

During my time in the Bay of Plenty I was also trained in cranial and massage therapy by NZ renowned Chiropractor; Peter Van Sweeden


I welcomed my beautiful daughter into the world in 2011 and have dedicated myself to the joys and challenges of being a fulltime mum.

During this time and with the arrival of my son in 2013 I utilised every spare moment to complete a Diploma in Nutritional Science through the NZ College of Naturopathy and also a Certificate in Herbal Medicine through Malcolm Harker. 


I came across the Wim Hof Method in a documentary and after experiencing such great benefit in the practice personally I traveled to America twice in 2019 to complete the Masters Instructors course in Washington State with Wim Hof.

The impact and scientific study that continues to go into this method has meant the demand for teaching and experiencing the method has increased rapidly so now I spend a good portion of the year running workshops and immersive retreat experiences throughout New Zealand.

Seeing how much of a positive impact Breath work has on mental state, athletic performance and overall health has driven me to pursue study in a range of Breath work methods. I am grateful I can offer knowledge and protocols as a XPT Breath work Coach, a Complete Oxygen Advantage Instructor and a Breathless Expeditions Instructor.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your health goals!


My Clinic


You can book in to work with me via zoom or see me for a face to face consultation at:

The Live Wild Alpine Studio is located in Alpine Retreat, Queenstown

(Just click on the image below to be redirected to the booking form)


Laura Warren

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