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Practical Words of Wisdom: Be Nourished Founder - Joanna Nolan

Joanna Nolan in an 'activated' nutshell

Hi, I'm Joanna founder of Be Nourished. We make raw organic sauerkraut and kimchi.

Ever since the beginning of time organic, raw, unpasteurized cultured living foods, such as sauerkraut, have been well-known for their powerful healing properties and as a way to nurture and foster improved gut and intestinal health. As a mother of two children, I became more interested in nutrition in 2007 when I found myself looking for ways to nourish my family to be in the best health as possible. My quest to find a sauerkraut that was imported or pasteurized was fruitless so I entered the kitchen, inspired to “give it a go” and began making my own kraut. I began including these fermented vegetables into my family’s daily diet, and noticed that sugar cravings were lessened and allergies, like hayfever, disappear. Friends and family members began asking for jars too, especially as news emerged in our headlines about how vital and important it is for all of us to have organic, fermented foods in our diets.

It was from this need, this want to live a healthier life that Be Nourished was born. Today, the Be Nourished team are committed to sharing their knowledge about the benefits of organic, fermented veges and producing nourishing cultured, living foods that are a delicious complement to any meal. As Hippocrates says "All health begins in the gut!! What is your food philosophy? Eat whole, fresh non processed foods, organic if possible. Take your time eating and really enjoy your food and chew it well.

What are 3 foods you cant live without?

Loads of vegetables, fermented foods and my current obsession (Tom & Luke apple cinnamon breakfast oat bar) I try not to eat too many foods in a wrapper but these are too hard to resist.

What is your number 1 tip for vitality? Try to relax and let go of stress. Laugh alot! What are some of your tips for people starting out on their healthy journey?

- As much as possible avoid excess sugar and processed foods

- Try to source organic foods as much as possible

- Try to eat fermented foods daily to populate the gut with good bacteria

- Make changes one step at a time and be consistent with these changes

- Get plenty of fresh air, relaxation, laughter and sleep

- Love what you do, if you don't change it!!

The Be Nourished products feature in a competition running at the moment. These products are absolutely delicious and a hit with my kids too! I always recommend my clients use the sauerkraut juice after antibiotics.

So if the thought of a fermented number in the fridge or pantry appeals; click on this and follow instructions at the bottom of the blog. Winner takes all! Drawn Thursday 24th November.

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