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01 Dec 2019

Katherine Surrel

I have been so many health practitioners during the last few years and spent a lot of money on trying to get to the bottom of why I couldn't lose weight. From the first session I knew I was in great hands and Laura has continued to demonstrate kindness, understanding and the ability to share complex information in a way that is easy to understand and better than that can actually be implemented into a busy life. She has helped restore my confidence and even though I have lost 18kg and have maintained the weight which was my main goal I've realized that her philosophy of Fuel the Fun has encouraged my to perform better in my career, and has led me to develop a passion for dancing. Haha I laugh even when I write that as its a totally different me to a year ago when I meet you. Thank you so much. I'm eternally grateful 

05 Sep 2017

Jason Matthews

I was one of the lucky 24 who were chosen from more than 160 applicants for this life changing programme run by a community angel Laura Warren from Revitalizeme.

So so grateful for what I have learned from this experience, it exceeded my expectations beyond what I had actually allowed myself to believe. My current health is nothing short of a miraculous, I'm on the way to Damascus lol.

The health goal I had has been metaphorically smashed out of the park, it was to achieve 94kg have now shifted that goal to achieve a fluctuation between 88-91kg. I have lost 22kg since February when our group first met at the Te Rewa Rewa bridge. My food intake now consists mostly of naturally harvested food and the all powerful immunity boosters such as ginger, turmeric, cayenne, lemon, apple cider, cinnamon ……

I made a conscious decision to rarely eat sugars, breads or alcohol intake. Unintended achievements include regular running, it was never my goal as I thought I would never be able to run again after a back injury in my early 20’s. I now regularly run 3k, 3-5 nights a week with my really happy dog and have added improvements to speed, cardio intervals and what I call monkey running where you run a short distance shifting from upright to a monkey lope. Only do this in the safety of the night hour’s lol.


Who would think cartwheels would ever release an endorphin rush. I have also started sparring at my sons boxing training and have started on strength and mobility. My main activity is surfing to which I am experiencing huge gains in performance and enjoyment. I am now 50 years old and haven’t felt this healthy since I was in my late 20’s.

Mentally, physically, spiritually I am the strongest I have ever been in my life. I am truly grateful to Laura and all of the support from fitness providers business and the health industry locally and nationally.

We often do not look at the external factors that influence our minds, spirit and physical wellbeing as significant, it took me 50 years to wake up and realise the poison mindset which had ravished my health and I am grateful for the chance at a pain free living heading into the back 50 of life.


PS: Haven't had an outbreak of gout since before I started with the team, I estimate roughly 3/4 of the way to the peak of the mountain and still making incremental gains (metaphorically). : ))))))

09 May 2017

Keryn Marshall

Why choose Laura over the many other health and well-being practitioners out there? Well for a start she actually cares about you as a person and therefore gives you advice that's manageable for your situation, financially and physically. I have been to various practitioners throughout my life, spent a lot of money, and with a couple of very simple and affordable dietary changes from Laura, I improved my health more so than with any other advice I've received. The same thing happened with my fitness, I have been through gym memberships, crossfit etc but Laura actually approaches it in a kinder and encouraging way while still putting you through a challenge. Laura is that genuine person with a heart for helping. I'm so grateful I got to work with her and I hope to continue receiving her advice for as long as possible.

01 May 2017

Astra Rodrigo

From the moment Laura asks you to complete a three day food journal, your life begins to transform. Being a part of her program for Mount Taranaki Ascending has changed my life. She shares an extensive knowledge of hands on nutrition with inspiring scientific information about healing your gut. Being able to alter cravings, change your taste buds, and prepare organic whole food meals, along with dehydrating your body leads to higher energy levels within a few weeks. Training with her was incredibly challenging, she is positive with her words, focus, and physicality. Laura immerses you in nature and spirit to get in shape within a community of like minded mentors and team members. She is incredibly supportive on a spiritual level and I am forever thankful that I have accomplished climbing a summit. It has healed my life by replacing fear with hope, and confidence in my body, that I have not felt in my life for a long time. Thank you Laura for returning my love of dance and movement to my life in such a graceful time period of ten weeks and making time to be true to myself three times a week with such an amazing person. Honoured to have crossed your path and continue with PranaHITT.

26 Apr 2017

Isabel Bedford

Laura is fantastic! I was lucky enough to join her 10 week Mount Taranaki Ascending project and she helped me regain direction in my nutrition, movement and motivation habits. Gosh her talent, knowledge and enthusiasm is endless! I've been able to come off all medication (with Dr approval), and have so far begun living an almost pain-free day-to-day life, tone up, strengthen, be calm and even lose some weight without this being the end goal. I've learnt to trust my body again and can't thank her enough. I look forward to continuing working with Laura to improve my health and lifestyle. x..

20 Apr 2017

Sarah Boulter

Laura has helped me get out of a rut and has so much knowledge and expertise when it comes to looking after mind body and spirit.I really love Laura's manner she is not in your face or intimidating, she is calm kind down to earth so positive and makes you feel at ease but at the same time really motivates and made me want more. Since working with Laura I have lost weight gained strength and fitness, improved skin, back and hip pain have gone.I highly recommend Laura she is amazing I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to train with her.

18 Apr 2017

Toni Bracegirdle

At the end of 2016 I was in an extremely dark space and had exhausted so many options in regards to therapy and medication. I figured I had nothing to lose, so when I saw Laura's advertisement for the Mt Taranaki Ascending Project I decided to give it a go. It wasn't until my first consultation with Laura that I had even considered my poor nutrition and lack of exercise as a factor contributing to my unstable mental health. I walked out of that consult with hope that things could get better. This was a massive surprise to me, as hope was something I had been missing for a very long time. Laura put together an incredible plan for me that made healthy eating and regular exercise fun, instead of a chore. I still have a long way to go in terms of my recovery, but if it wasn't for Laura's support, passion and guidance, I am pretty sure I would not still be here today. I can not thank her enough.

16 Apr 2017

Clare Rose

Sometimes in life you just need someone to stand with you and get you back on track. I had lost my way health wise and in my personal life had some pretty big mountains to climb. She always offers support and pulls the best from a person. Laura is so very kind and encouraging and she also has such an extensive knowledge in how the body works. I completely trust her and cant thank her enough for her time and commitment.

15 Apr 2017

Rebecca Dillon

Laura is incredible passionate about what she does and over the last 10 weeks has helped me on my journey with health and fitness. By implementing the changes she recommended for nutrition and exercise I feel better than I have in years! If you're after some seriously quality advice then if you go and see Laura you won't go wrong. I can't recommend her highly enough!

18 Apr 2017

Jo Wilkinson

Being part of Laura's Ascending Mount Taranaki project has been an amazing experience. Laura is passionate about providing a holistic approach to health and nutrition, which I have found to be incredibly valuable, not only for myself but my whole family. Thank you so much Laura for taking me on this epic journey, I've had a blast � xxx

14 Apr 2017

Tracey Clement

Well, what can I say. 10 weeks ago I was blessed enough to be chosen by Laura to participate in the 10 week programme - Mt Taranaki Ascending. Words can not describe what an amazing journey this has been for me. The support and knowledge that Laura has given me has been invaluable and the amazing group of people I was lucky enough to be a part of have become like family. Thank you Laura for seeing the inner strength in me that I had long ago lost sight of, I am in awe of what we have achieved, and grateful to you for helping me to regain control of my life.

10 Apr 2017

Jeremy Barnes

For the last 10 weeks I have been working with laura,
Her professional approach to health in all areas are second to none!
She has brought me to a new level in my fitness, health, and wellbeing
I count my self very blessed to have this time in my life

06 Apr 2017

Jill Fearn

Laura is amazing she is passionate encouraging and truly loves and believes in helping people reach their goals. I would highly recommend her for both her nutritional knowledge and fitness training. Laura enthusiasm is very catchy and she doesn't direct you she walks the journey with you

11 Apr 2017

Tanya Brightwell

I've been working with Laura for the past 10 weeks. From the very 1st consultation she put me at ease & helped me to recognize areas where I could improve my health. She has a wealth of knowledge to back up the recommendations & I found her easy to talk with. I will continue to stay on the path with her help. She is a pleasure to be around & her enthusiasm is infectious

20 Mar 2017

Paula Coutts

Amazing! Laura took me on an amazing journey for my health. After being a vegetarian for 5 years, she got me back on track to having nutrients in my body, balanced gut health and feeling great again. Her approach is excellent and she is full of knowledge.

22 Sep 2016

Heidi Taylor

I have had the pleasure of Laura's expertise on numerous occasions. This lady knows her stuff, she has such a beautiful presence I always leave conversations with her feeling content and more knowledgeable. She influences me to incorporate wellness practices into my daily schedule that offer results and without it costing the earth. Recently she put our family onto the nutra-organics protein powder, and it has been wonderful for increasing energy and health into both myself and for my daughter who's a rather fussy eater. I can't recommend Laura highly enough. If you need assistance for any health matters, she's your girl. Thanks Laura for everything you do, love your work

26 Oct 2016

Chelsea Roubous

Laura is totally wonderful! Not only does she have such an extensive knowledge of health and wellness but she has such a passion for it which completely inspires and motivates. Laura has given our family such practical and successful says to incorporate healthy living into our everyday life. Her recommendations have been truly awesome, particularly for our daughter who has struggled with a weakened immune system due to numerous antibiotic rounds. As a parent it's so awesome to obtain a knowledge of workable ways you can achieve great health for your child looking at the root cause of things. Laura is truly amazing, no matter what your circumstance she has the knowledge, skills and passion to set you up for great health in the future!

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