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Practical Words of Wisdom: Rob Mitchell - Board Sport Pro and Creator of Mitchell's Bone Broth

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Rob Mitchell, in an 'activated nut shell'

I'm born and bred in NZ and have always been super passionate about riding boards. I've spent the last 15 years traveling around the world Snowboarding, Skateboarding & Surfing. But board sports are high impact, and I've learn't first-hand the heavy toll it can have on your body. These experiences have served as an inspiration to develop products that can help people live the life they love. My aim was to create natural products, using time-tested traditional methods, that can offer real nutrition to people in the modern world!

What is your food philosophy? I have always been a firm believer of you get out what you put in. If you fuel your body with crappy fuel then your engine is not going to run efficiently and will lead to break downs. I would rather spend more money on healthy fresh foods and supplements than a Doctors bill any day! What are 3 foods you can't live without? Olives, Avocado, and Bone broth!

I have been making homemade pizzas a lot lately with fresh veges and herbs from my garden. I love topping them off with sliced avocado, fresh basil and olives.

I have drank bone broth daily for a long time now and wouldn't be without it! What is your number one tip for vitality? Being consistent in fueling your body with natural wholefoods, and going surfing :)

What are some of your tips for people starting out on their healthy journey? 1. Figure out what foods work well for you and which ones do not. Eliminate the ones that don't work and focus on enjoying the ones that do. 2. Exercising for the sake of it is boring, finding something that gets the heart rate up without feeling like you are going through the motions is the key for me. 3. Lots of fresh air, daily stretching and aim to always focus on the positive. 4. Drink Mitchell's bone broth daily for improved gut and joint health and better immune function.

What inspired you to create Mitchell's bone broth?

I got into listening to pod casts while snowboarding. Gut health was a popular topic that kept coming up. As I researched it more I was blown away with the benefits bone broth can have on the body. I started to use bone broth to rehabilitate joint injuries that hadn't come right with amazing results.

With the time consuming process of sourcing the ingredients, simmering them for up to 24 hours then cooling the broth and skimming the fat off is turns into quite the process; not to mention the smell it would leave behind and also the monthly electricity bill!

After experiencing the benefits firsthand, it got me thinking that a bone broth in powder form, that is easy to use, convenient to transport but still has all the nutritional goodness of a traditional bone broth would be epic!

And that is what Mitchell's Bone Broth is; Traditional nutrition for Modern life.

What are some fun facts about Mitchell's Bone Broth readers might like to know?

- The ingredients are sourced within New Zealand.

- There is 6.3g of protein in a 7g serving

- When the powdered bone broth is added to hot water then cooled and refrigerated it turns to jelly showing that it has all the nutrients that a traditional bone broth has.

- Proteins play a crucial role in almost all biological processes in our bodies, and they are made up of smaller pieces called amino acids. That’s why amino acids are considered the basic building blocks of the body.

So now you all want this in your life right! Go and check out all the details at

I have one Mitchell's Bone Broth tub (value $69) to give away. To go into the draw give Mitchell's Bone broth a friendly Follow on Facebook or Instagram, Comment with how you think it could help you and tag a friend who you think would benefit from this amazing product as well! Winner drawn at random on Friday 23rd March.

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