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Pure One Mineral Water and The Get Hydrated Challenge

Let me introduce you to Pure One if you haven't meet and reacquaint you if you have....

From an ancient artesian aquifier deep within the earth, Mt Taranaki created Pure One. Slowly traveling underground, as it migrates through the aquifer, the water reacts with the sediment and minerals are formed between the water and rock formations. It then escapes under artesian pressure from the 3004 ft. (1000m) Bonthion 1 Well.

Pure One is unique - it has an extra oxygen molecule, which assists in faster cellular hydration & transportation of nutrients. This full-bodied water is full of antioxidants, & contains over 40 minerals & trace elements.

"Pure One is the best water I have ever tested. Through all the different tests & comparisons I used, Pure One has surpassed all other. I have found nothing that comes anywhere near the health value of this water. This is very unique." Kevin McDonald Water expert 31.10.2002

Mike Fahy (owner of Taranaki Mineral Spa and Pure One) has been so generous in donating water for the training sessions for The Mount Taranaki Ascending Project and the twenty participants are already making comment on how much they love the taste and how hydrated they feel after drinking the water.

Check out more information at

Just WHY is Hydration so important?

So I think most of us know that staying hydrated is a key element of good health.

This is because our body is made up of roughly 60% water and it is vital for:

  • The transportation of nutrients through the body

  • Digestive secretions all have a water component which facilitate the breakdown of food

  • Regular, soft bowel movements (If your motions are pellet like or hard to pass its highly likely that you are dehydrated)

  • Regulates temperature

  • Aids all detoxification pathways clearing any toxins out of our system

  • Improves our ability to concentrate

  • Relieves fatigue

This is a minimal effort and low cost strategy to rapidly improving health! For a few more reasons check out the blog post

So your probably thinking just 'How much water should I be drinking?'

Here's the basic formula to work out your water requirement and I challenge you to do this right now so you know.

Take your body weight and times it by 30ml. That is your water requirement.

Here's an example. A person weighing 60kg x 30ml = 1.8L of pure water everyday

And "No" coffee and tea do not count towards your hydration requirements as both of these beverages are actually have a diuretic effect on the body. So you'll have to consume 2 glasses of water to one cup of coffee.

But the good news is caffeine free herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint do count towards water requirements.

Is all water the same?

Short answer, "No".

Many people now have diets and make lifestyle choices that have an acidic effect on the body. If you didn't know already; all illness and disease thrive in acidic conditions.

So if its an option the best choice of water would be pure, slightly alkaline and mineralised. Thanks to Pure One we have this available in New Plymouth.

I know in NZ we are blessed to have clean water running from taps all over the country but I personally don't recommend drinking tap water for these reasons.

Tap water has been through a lot of processing to get it to the state it is when it exits from the tap and this means it usually has added:

Chlorine: which is a mild bleach that is there to kill any bad bacteria. If you drink a lot of water with chlorine it ends up killing the good bacteria in your mouth and gut that you NEED for great health.

Fluoride: Added to the water supply to help us reduce tooth decay (maybe decreasing our sugar intake is a better way) Because fluoride blocks iodine in the body. Iodine is vital to around 72 functions within the body, so if you are consistently blocking iodine you are not going to operate at optimum. This is really important to note if you are experiencing any issues with your thyroid!

So what are your options? Getting a water filter installed will eliminate the chlorine and most of the fluoride.

If this isn't an option at least boil the tap water and then leave it to cool as this will evaporate off the chlorine.

If you live in New Plymouth make it a priority to try Pure One located at 8 Bonithon Avenue New Plymouth New Zealand. You can buy it in a range of sizes from 750mls through to 28L.

Practical ways to increase your water intake

  • When you wake up have a big glass of room temperature water. If lemon's are available squeeze 1/2 lemon into it. This stimulates detoxification pathways and in most people prompts a morning bowel movement.

  • Some people say they don't like the taste of water so get creative add sprigs of mint and lemon or rosemary. Maybe you like the look of strawberry's floating in water do what you have to do to ensure you will drink it.

  • If you prefer warm drinks - Rooibos, Chamomile, Peppermint, Cinnamon and Licorice root etc all count towards meeting your water.

  • Maybe you like the sustenance of bone broth or slightly fizzy taste of water kefir, these both count as well and support gut health. Just don't go drinking water kefir as your only fluid intake.

  • Trying to drink the majority of your fluid requirement before mid afternoon. This ensures you wont over-drink in the evening prompting night time waking for the toilet.

Join the Mount Taranaki Ascending Twenty in the Get Hydrated Challenge!

Do the equation above and work out your own personal water requirement and commit to drinking that amount for the next 10weeks. I know you will feel awesome for doing it! It truly is the simplest thing to do to bring a massive positive change to health and vitality!

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