• Laura Warren

Meet the Mount Taranaki Ascending Twenty

Introducing you to the awesome team who is going to take on the Mount Taranaki Ascending Project. The group varies in age range, medical conditions and goals as to why they want to complete the challenge. You can meet them all below and see their personal goals.

The project is due to start on the 24th January.

All individuals have been through a holistic lifestyle consultation so have an individualized treatment plan in terms of diet, lifestyle and have been referred for any blood tests etc if it was deemed necessary to uncover any underlying issues.

I invite you to follow their progress, meet the other health business contributors and incorporate the tips that will be updated throughout the program to achieve great health results for yourself too.

Astra Rodrigo

My main goal as to why I want to complete the Mt Taranaki Ascending Project is because I love the idea of transformation. I am at a point in my life where I feel inspired to apply nutritional changes and team training to make it a permanent part of my life. I am returning to a physicality and athleticism that I once found with dance and choreography. I want to dedicate myself to making changes in health and community to achieve this goal of movement and fitness.

Jeremy Barnes

To be the best l can be in mind, body and soul

Clare Rose

There seems to be a lot of mountains I need to climb in my life and so to actually climb our local maunga physically and to actually 'knock the bastard off' (Edmond Hillary's words) will be for me a huge accomplishment.

Evie Christiansen

I would like to complete the Mount Taranaki Ascending Project because this year has thrown me some curve balls and I feel that I need to learn how to treat my body better through eating healthily and exercising.

Nicki Procter

My main goal as to why I want to complete the Mt Taranaki Ascending Project is to achieve maximum fitness, to learn and embrace a lifestyle change with a group of motivated people, and to make it to the top of our beautiful mountain. Climbing Mt Taranaki has always been a personal goal I have aspired to achieve.

Kimberlea Lemon

My main goal is to improve my health and fitness so I can keep up with my dogs in the agility ring.

Chris Ridgewell

I want to reboot the functionality of my liver and immune system. I plan to grasp this opportunity and take from it a more mindful approach to health in general.

Rebecca Dillon

My main goal is to help create a good healthy lifestyle that will also to aid in our fertility journey

Jill Fearn

I want to complete the Mt Taranaki Ascending Project as it has been a goal to reach the summit one more time before I get too old (Last time I climbed it I was in my 20’s). The other reason is to just join a group of like-minded people who hopefully have similar goals which is to get healthy, fit and lose weight.

Keryn Marshall

I want to complete the Mt Taranaki Ascending Project to feel a significant achievement for myself after various things have taken a toll on my mental and physical health. I want to to break-through that rut and take back control of my life.

Josiah Dombroski

My main goal to complete the Taranaki Ascending Project is to have a challenge which will motivate me, to raise my fitness levels and lifestyle. Being part of a team will really help me achieve this.