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Hangover Cure Ideas

It's Summer, its holiday''s time to celebrate and enjoy. While it is a the time of year people tend to indulge a little more, there’s also no better time to keep your health in check so I've got some super easy tips & tricks for adding a little extra nourishment into your day even during this festive time of the year and some tips for getting over those annoying hangovers!

Hydrate with pure water

Alcohol is dehydrating to the body. Aim to drink a glass of water after each alcoholic drink, and drink 2-3L the next day - adding a pinch of Himalayan rock salt/sea salt and lemon can help alkalize the body. Fresh pressed green juices or green smoothies are high in minerals, electrolytes and nutrients that your body needs to negate the negative effects of alcohol by helping the liver detoxify.

Always eat before you drink

The old saying "eating is cheating" is well and truly out. Lining your stomach with food allows alcohol to be absorbed at a slower rate and slows the effects on the body.

Eat well after drinking

If you have a hangover - chances are you think burgers, KFC and fries will straighten you out. Unfortunately the relief is short lived and you will feel worse later. Protein and good fats are hangovers friends but come better in the form of eggs and avocado. Lemon water or apple cider vinegar and water are great for aiding liver detox - try a glass of this in the morning.

Take a B Vitamin supplement

Alcohol depletes vitamins rapidly in the body. B-vitamins are vital for many metabolic processes like energy production and the liver detox pathways need the B’s to detox effectively. Taking a quality B-complex vitamins daily can need replenish what the alcohol has depleted and will leave you feeling not so heavy in the head.

Sweat it out

Make yourself do some exercise - short and intense or a yoga session - Exercise stimulates the lymphatic system to move the toxins out and gets the blood flowing. Exercises releases endorphins, the feel good hormones; which you may need if your feeling a bit sorry for yourself! If you live near the ocean go for a swim - that works wonders

Foods to help the liver detoxify alcohol

The brassica family which includes broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts), garlic, onion, beetroot, carrots, leafy greens all contains enzymes that support liver detox, so load up on them.

Better alcohol options

Clear and clean is a good rule of thumb — gin and vodka are better choices but this is without any of the sugary mixers. Try drinking them with sparkling water and lemon and lime wedges. Sugary drinks definitely make hangovers a lot worse.

It’s OK to say NO

Be confident and just say ‘no thanks’ if you don't want the drink or food on offer - maybe you don't feel like it or maybe you know you have had enough. No one is going to think less of you and you can still be apart of the fun with an alternative drink in hand.

If you do splurge, move on, don't wallow in it and certainly don’t let it ruin your holiday.

Focus on the reason for the season – it’s not food and not the drink - it's the company and adventures I think! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE !!!

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