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All Things Sweet

So the Campaigning a Wholefood diet blog obviously provoked some thought and I was so surprised to have a least 40 emails sent through after it was posted asking a host of health questions but also requests for recipes that could be used as substitutes for your child's favourite snacks or meals.

I have had a lot of fun putting this blog together! Connecting with some incredible and dedicated bloggers who create nutritious, delicious alternatives that they have kindly shared to pass on to you guys.

I have responded via email to one off requests but the common ones I have put under headings below. This blog is dedicated to the child love affair with all things sweet. Let them have sweet but let it be sweet on their growing bodies as well!

Hope you love these recipes! If you try any of them or it inspires you to create your own healthier version of your childs favourite food; remember to upload a picture to the Revitalizeme Laura Warren Facebook page. You will go into the draw for a Nutraorganic product of your choice from the Revitalizeme store at the end of the month.


Off the shelf biscuits may be cheap and easy but that's because they are filled with your typical combo of wheat, sugar and usually artificial flavours and colours. Let these recipes inspire a wholesome batch of cookies made with the kids at your house....

Muesli bars Now your typical store brought muesli bar has gotten away with its 'healthy' tag for long enough. Laden with the typical addictive combo of wheat and sugar (in it's many disguises) gluing the healthy nuts and seeds together. Here are some real muesli bars that your child's taste buds and body will love.


I never actually realized how popular dessert was. It's an interested concept giving kids the typical sugary desserts like ice cream at night when they are meant to be getting ready for wind down. Also, it seems to be common place to bribe a child 'if you don't eat you dinner you wont get dessert'. I could go on and on here but if this rings true at your home I'd like you to think about what subconscious message this child is taking in. Force the greens to ultimately reward with sugar. The following ideas are great alternatives but ideally they are for special occasions only not an every night thing. Balance that blood sugar with quality fats and protein and the sweet cravings at the end of a meal will dissipate.


Well, I can see the appeal from a child's perspective all the colours and sweetness. But its a body's worst nightmare in terms of processing the cocktail of chemicals that come with each one. Here are some awesome alternatives that are actually great for your child. Enjoy just don't eat all at once


YUMMY!!!!! My mouth is watering. Hope this is helpful.

For those who wanted savoury options I'll upload a post in similar style to this in a few days.

Thank you so much to all the super amazing contributors!!! Check out their websites - this is just a tiny taster

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