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Hydration Tips

Icy Water

Did you know?

  • Humans can survive without food for more than 30 days, but less than a week without water

  • Approximately 75% of the human body is water; our brain is 85% water, our bones are 22% water and our blood is 92% water.

  • The majority of New Zealander’s exist in a dehydrated state.

  • A hydrated body will increase your body's "cell" communication, resulting in better health. Water transports elements like hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients to vital organs, which, produce substances that are made available to the rest of the body. Without proper hydration, the brain, which controls the body's "waterways", cannot do it's job properly resulting in fatigue, brain fog, irritability and overeating

How much?

An easy calculation to work out your average water requirements is your body weight x 30mls

i.e. 65kgs x 30mls = 1.95 (2 Litres per day). This is the baseline requirement for all the above processes to easily occur. If you are in a hot environment, exercising, pregnant or breastfeeding, eat lots of salty or processed foods, drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages and limited vegetables this needs to be increased so keep a water bottle (ideally glass or stainless steel) on hand. Use the colour of your urine as a guide to how much water you need be drinking. Your urine should be a very light-coloured yellow. If it is yellow then it is likely you are not drinking enough water.

Ideal water sources

Now I see you all looking to the tap which is great if there is a filter on it. Unfortunately unfiltered tap water contains an array of chemicals such as chlorine which even though are in small doses add up when you look at how much water you need over the course of a lifetime. All sorts of healthy issues such as imbalanced gut bacteria, irritable bowel symptoms and under-active thyroid can all be partially caused by the chemicals in our water supply. Also the water out of the tap lacks all the vital minerals that we need another reason why deficiencies in certain nutrients are so common in New Zealand.

The best source of water in New Plymouth that I swear by is Pure One – a beautiful mineral rich source of water that you can buy by the bottle or up to 25L. Warning though: Once you start drinking this it is hard to go without it! The outlet is located at 8 Bonithon Avenue, New Plymouth.

There are plenty of other mineral waters you can purchase – make sure it comes in top quality plastic (i.e. at least BPA free) so it doesn't leach its chemical into the water.

Boiling the jug and then bottling your water in glass in the fridge diminishes the chlorine content.

CMD drops are a concentrated mineral supplement that contains 72 Macro and Trace Minerals. These perfectly balanced minerals originate from the pristine northern waters of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, and are harvested through solar evaporation. They provide a complete, full spectrum trace mineral support and are easily added to water to remineralize it.

Buying a filter system for your drinking water is a excellent health investment.

So go on….drink up!

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