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Essential oils - Revitalizeme Laura Warren

If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. Essential oils give plants their distinctive smells, essential oils protect plants and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and their beautiful fragrance, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices. 

But what exactly is a volatile aromatic compound? In short, these compounds are small organic molecules that tend to change quickly from their solid or liquid state to a gas at room temperature. They are called volatile because they change state quickly. When you first open a bottle of essential oil, you instantly notice that the aroma is potent and you can smell it typically even from some distance. The physical and chemical properties of the volatile aromatic compounds that compose essential oils allow them to quickly move through the air and directly interact with the olfactory sensors in the nose. Such unique properties make essential oils ideal for applications inclusion in aromatherapy – using these compounds from plants to help maintain a healthy mind and body – as well as other applications. The type of volatile aromatic compounds present in an essential oil determines both the oil’s aroma and the benefits it offers.


Over 3,000 varieties of volatile aromatic compounds have been identified to date. The nature of an essential oil varies from plant to plant, within botanical families, and from species to species. The delicate ratio of aromatic constituents found in any given essential oil are what make it unique and give it specific benefits.


Even with pure essential oils the composition of the oil can vary depending on the time of day, season, geographic location, method and duration of distillation, year grown, and the weather, making every step of the production process a critical determinant of the overall quality of the essential oil product. 

Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used as single essential oils or in complex essential oil blends depending on user experience and desired benefit. 

What is an Essential oil?

Why I choose to use dōTERRA’s products?

  • doTERRA sources its essential oils from all over the world, specifically from the areas where each plant grows indigenously. The plants are therefor more adapted to their environments and grow in their most potent forms. For example, lavender from France, Lemon from Italy, and Frankincense from Oman See sourcing for Ylang Ylang Flowers here

  • The plants are sustainably grown and wild-crafted by small-scale local producers. 

  • doTERRA oils are extensively tested, batch by batch: “In order to assure the purity of our oils and the presence of their active compounds, we subject our oils to rigorous testing standards for chemical composition. dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG) essential oils are cross tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to ensure both extract purity and composition potency of each batch.” If there are every any trace foreign substances found in the oils, then a batch is simply rejected. There’s no secondary process to remove those substances, and the oil is not sold.

  • Giving back: doTERRA uses “co-impact sourcing” which means they source their plants from sustainable small-scale local farms to help create economic growth in vulnerable communities Co impacting sourcing video

  • The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant. Through projects addressing the needs of microcredit lending; access to healthcare, education, sanitation and clean water; and fighting child sex-trafficking, individuals are empowered and lives are changed. 

How to buy dōTERRA’s essential oils?

I am so excited you are ready to delve into the wonderful world of essential oils!

The best (and most cost effective!) way to get your hands on doTERRA oils is to open your own wholesale account.

That will give you access to 25% OFF the retail price. This is the way I get my oils – it’s hands down the most cost effective way.


Here are your options:

  1. Pay $40 to open your account then customise your first order to whichever oils you would like.

  2. Start with a kit and waive your $40 wholesale account fee. (This is the option I started with)


How do I know which kit to start with?

There are a number of kits which cater to a range of budgets and requirements. The below is the most popular kit  - The Home Essentials Kit as detailed below, this is certainly not the only option so check out the NZ wholesale product guide down the page for more options:

You can see the options of all the kits here: Doterra Kits

“Home Essentials Kit” (NZD$365).

 This kit really does have all the oils every home must should have (10 of them) PLUS it comes with a diffuser.

This kit is incredible value as you save over $120

  1. Peppermint: Is cooling, energising, settles upset tummy.

  2. Lemon: Detoxifying, cleansing, helps to focus, delicious to cook with!

  3. Lavender: Calming + soothing , promotes restful sleep.

  4. Oregano: Nature’s antibiotic!

  5. Tea Tree: Great for blemishes and can be used as an insect repellent.

  6. Frankincense: Fights inflammation, incredibly beautifying and anti-ageing for the skin, promotes cellular regeneration.

  7. Easy Air: Respiratory blend – clears airways, energising and helps to support anxiousness

  8. Ice Blue: Apply topically for muscle and joint pain.

  9. OnGuard: Protective blend – protects the immune system and loads the body with antioxidants.

  10. DigestZen: Digestive blend – promotes healthy digestion, assists with bloating, cramping and nausea.

You will also receive:

  • A free 30 minute wellness consult with me (by phone or in person if you are in my local area)

  • A Welcome pack that includes a Mini Modern essentials book, 5ml Wild orange essential oil plus other goodies

  • Introductory PDF to help ease you into the world of essential oils

  • Regular emails full of tips, tricks + inspiration!

If I create a wholesale account, does that mean I have to sell dōTERRA?

No absolutely not! You always have the option to make a commission and residual income by sharing with others, but you absolutely do not have to. You can create a wholesale account simply for your own benefit to get the wholesale discount. If at any time you decide you’d like to create an income, it’s a straight forward process…and we have a super fun team!

How to set up your own dōTERRA wholesale account 

Just follow the instructions below

(Don’t forget to check & enter my ID #5158590 and verify my name, otherwise you won’t get access to the amazing bonuses!)


If you’re not that great with the tech world, best to email me directly or give me a call and we can arrange a time to get you all started.

Click the Link:

  1. Click Join and Save

  2. Choose New Zealand & English.

  3. Click 'Local.'

  4. Choose Wholesale customer

  5. Enter your personal information

  6. At *Enroller id*, check and enter my number: 5158590 (it should show you my name Laura Warren...)

  7. Then click verify

  8. Set yourself up with a password

  9. Click over to the next page

  10. Select what kit you'd like to order or select the Wholesale Intro fee and pick and mix the products you would like

  11. Enter your card details and process your order


Wahoo! In a few days your products will arrive!

Check your emails for delivery dates.

Remember, I’m only an email away if you get stuck.


If for some reason, you were to not love your oils as I do, doTERRA offer an unmatched return policy. Simply get in touch with the amazing customer service team and depending on how long it has been since your purchase you will be entitled to a refund or product exchange.

Please drop me a line if you do – I believe it would be a first!

I look forward to speaking soon!

Laura Warren

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