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Is dedicated to inspiring connection.

back to natural living, optimal health and

self-empowerment through

one-on-one education,

group workshops, corporate wellness

and unique experience retreats 

that provide tools and education

that support ultimate wellness

for the mind, body and soul.

Live Wild's experience-based learning approach

incorporates scientifically validated techniques 

via adventure, 

optimisation of the journey of life

through connection to daily habits, 

and sharing experiences in environments

that provoke awe and connection.




Targeted Nutrition


Lifestyle changes

Nutrition and lifestyle choices hugely impact how you look and feel.

Practical advice takes into account your budget, living situation and preferences.

Personal training


Peak performance

Working towards a fitness goal or sporting event? Receive one on one training and/or exercise and nutrition plans to help you succeed


Root cause analysis of your health symptoms

Suppressing symptoms does not lead to resolution of health issues. Addressing the underlying cause with a unique treatment plan tailored to your requirements does


Functional Testing for Hormonal Imbalance & Deficiencies

Identify why you are experiencing PMS, Irregular or painful menstrual cycles, Peri-menopause  symptoms, Infertility, Gut issues with the latest scientific testing


Wim Hof Workshops

& one on one sessions

Be immersed in a profound experience.

Explore the 3 Pillars; Breathwork, Cold Exposure, and Mindset training which will leave you with the tools and education to begin or upgrade your daily practice in the Wim Hof Method.


In an array of stunning locations - You will experience the full power of the Wim Hof Method, XPT & Oxygen advantage, you will leave equipped with a deeper knowledge and daily practices to empower you to take control of your mental, emotional & physical wellness and truly embrace your full potential


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Mob: +64 21 50 60 60

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