• Laura Warren

Gift Ideas for the Health Conscious

I frequently get emails asking for recommendations for ultimate gift ideas for a loved one who has an interest (or newly acquired) interest in health.

This blog looks at a few ideas that I think would go down a real treat!

First up, I AM Co provides an amazing health product sampling subscription box filled with up to 10 of the latest and greatest health foods and natural beauty products.

The Delight Box can be a one off purchase or an incredible monthly treat delivered for as long as you choose. All products are naturally derived and free of additives, preservatives and other hidden nasties.

I love that I am Co acknowledges that healthy food alone won’t create lasting healthy changes in the body but encourages the change of our internal thoughts towards ourselves to manifest long-lasting change. These personal affirmations come on the front of the box. Sometimes it's the perfect gift to tell someone that they can say it Loud and say it Proud 'I AM loved, I AM enough, I AM grateful'…

For more information and purchase please see https://iamco.co.nz/

I AM Co very kindly sponsored a Delight Box for the Mount Taranaki Ascending Project. Here is a very happy Astra to win the Delight Box after a Peak 8 training session.

Does your loved one need help getting into some sort of physical activity or do they already do something that they love? A week or month pass to a class, studio or gym is a really thoughtful gift. I know most of the health and wellness businesses who have taken a session during the Mount Taranaki Ascending Project have vouchers that can be purchased either online or at their facility. If your loved one is stressed a yoga session could work wonders or if they enjoy the comradery of a team maybe bootcamp style exercise is more for them.

It's very few people that would say 'No' to a massage - the enjoyment and health benefits from massage are well documented. The voucher type gifts are great for when you are living far from your loved one as well. Just make sure it is a massage style they will enjoy - deep tissue is highly therapeutic for one but possibly not enjoyed at all by someone else.

A bath set that includes a beautiful scented candle, epsom salts and an essential oil packaged nicely is a really thoughtful gift that will encourage rest and peace.

Wild or garden flowers picked and presented beautifully will definitely earn you some oooos and arrrs from the majority of females out there. Gifts don't have to be expensive to show how much you care for your loved one. House plants are highly beneficial for the health of the indoor environment so if your not a flower picker check out a garden centre for a potted plant gift.

A tea infuser bottle makes a great gift for those on the go or who need a helping hand to wean down their coffee intake.

Packing a picnic with delicious healthy treats and choosing an awesome spot to adventure to together or with friends will be truly memorable and fun for everyone involved. If a persons love language is quality time - this is perfect.

Well I hope this has given you a few ideas that can be utilized at the next birthday or special occasion. If you have any sure fire winning gift ideas please share in the comments below, I'd love to hear them!