• Laura Warren

Revitalizeme Shop is Open for business!

I have sampled, tested and deliberated over many amazing products before settling on this incredible range.

These were my criteria:

  • Wholefood based (Food source is always better than synthetic – keep this in mind when you are buying any supplement – cheap supplements usually mean cheap synthetic ingredients that the body cannot absorb)

  • Certified organic (taking any protein or supplements in a concentrated form makes the growing process especially important – you don’t want a does of concentrated pesticides/herbicides in with your protein!)

  • No additives, preservatives, cheap fillers or ingredients that I don’t recognize (great rule of thumb when your looking at ingredient labels)

  • Ideally fermented (you know how much I harp on about incorporating ferments for healthy gut)

  • Ideally raw (the majority of people need to incorporate more raw, living foods into their diet)

In brief the products are:

Clean energy is ideal if you want to wean off coffee/stimulants or need a pre workout boost.

Review of Clean Energy by Sally Imeson BHSc M SpM (Holistic Nutritionist)

'This subtle green powder will give you a ‘wake up’ hit that is not only stimulating but also nourishing to your body, not to mention the kick you get comparable to a cup of coffee. This comes from the green ‘chlorophyll dense’ ingredients plus a balancing range of herbs that strengthen the natural energy system in the body while supporting other organs that keep us alert & vital.'

Clean Protein is ideal for those exercising and competing.

Review of Clean Protein by Sally Imeson BHSc M SpM (Holistic Nutritionist)

'This super charged plant based protein is easily digestible, great tasting, is healing and nourishing to all the cells of the body PLUS it contains ingredients that strengthen the metabolism and assist reducing toxins in the body. It’s my go-to protein powder when I am looking to reset my body, simplify my fitness goals and reach for a better version of myself'.

Thriving protein can be taken from 12+ months and is an ideal way to ensure your family is getting the nutrients that can be typically missing in the NZ diet.

Review on Thriving Protein by - Sally Imeson BHSc M SpM (Holistic Nutritionist):

'It is plant based non dairy protein which contains bio-fermented living ingredients making it easily digestible and tastes awesome! This wholesome tasting protein is such a great boost to add to my breakfast smoothies or cooking for me and my family - giving us a great energy boost! Aids mental concentration while also assisting recovery from exercise and training. Perfect!'

Super Greens and Reds is a high quality, concentrated multi-nutritional superfood supplement to use as part of your healthy diet and exercise lifestyle journey

Review of Super Greens plus Reds by Sally Imeson BHSc M SpM (Holistic Nutritionist)

'This unique combination of wholefoods and renowned super foods is essential to my morning ritual to get a consistent measure of micro-nutrients into my body. PLUS the fermented pre & probiotics boost the stomachs ability to absorb these nutrients. Mental clarity and mental performance is definitely boosted and enhanced when the microbes in the stomach are present and aiding communication between the gut and the brain. Each organ in the body is supported by specialised herbs and it is a great injection of B vitamin.'

Please see http://www.revitalizeme.co.nz/shop for the ingredients and nutritional breakdowns.